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Healthy Food Recipes

Sweet Potato Curry



•1  onion

•3 garlic cloves

•1 tbsp mild curry powder

•1 tsp paprika

•1 tsp turmeric

•1 large sweet potato

•1 can chickpeas

•1 can coconut milk

•2 tbsp peanut butter

  Directions :

•slice the onion and put into saucepan with oil to fry for 5 minutes until softening

•Meanwhile roughly chop the garlic and the sweet potato into small cubes

•Now add the garlic + spices and stir then add the sweet potato + drained chickpeas + coconut milk + 1/4 can water + stock cube + peanut butter and stir

•Once simmering transfer to the oven and bake at 200C  for 30 minutes