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Diet Plans

Juice Diet


This kind of diet rely merely on having juice only for several days, or for several weeks with the avoidance of food for a whole. Juice that are allowed in kind of diet are numerous and varied, it is important to be made of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Pros of Juice diet :

  • Loss of weight quickly.
  • Having good quantities of vegetables and fruits which provide a great nutritional benefits with the reduction of the intake of fats.

Cons of the Juice diet:

  • Get the weight back quickly after you stop the diet.
  • Increase the percentage of sugar that enter body on a daily basis due to the richness of natural juices     with sugar.
  • failure to obtain your need of different foodstuffs; which leads to malnutrition.
  • Preventing the body from obtaining the necessary fiber that it needed for digestion, if you filter the juice before having it.