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Diet Plans

Atkins Diet


This type of diet depends mainly on increasing the daily intake of proteins in exchange for reducing the daily intake of carbohydrates, and the amount of carbohydrates allowed to be eaten is increased in stages as the person approaches the desired weight.

The Atkins diet falls under the category of low-carb diets, which many other types of diet fall under, such as the keto diet.

Pros of the Atkins Diet:

  • Reducing the amount of fat in the body in general, and in the abdomen and waist circumference in particular.
  • Reducing chances of many diseases, such as: high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Cons of the Atkins Diet:

Although the Atkins diet is generally considered safe, it may cause harm in rare cases for certain groups, as it may cause indigestion or an increase in bad cholesterol in the body.